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Sound Career Advancement in Decision-making Roles

Healthcare research is buzzing with activity, in medical as well as corporate environments. As an advanced degreed nurse, you may take an active role in research projects. The best news is that Clinical Trial Nurse jobs have grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Healthcare globalization, in combination with large-scale health threats, has driven the demand for this type of professional. Nurses’ skill sets make them perfect fits for clinical trial projects where large groups of study subjects require hands-on assessment, education, and follow-up. Combine these patient care skills—second nature for an experienced nurse—with those of a contemporary healthcare researcher and the result is a corps of highly trained advanced level practitioners.

The online MSN in Clinical Trials Research through Drexel University offers contemporary RNs the opportunity to parlay patient care skills into challenging positions in the medical research field. Candidates may already possess experience in a research-related nursing job or simply a drive to engage in particular facets of nursing research. MSN students take part in a relevant and stimulating online curriculum that combines strengths of synchronous and asynchronous learning. A clinical residency allows for nurse-nurse and nurse-faculty interactions that serve to reinforce learned skills.


If you are committed to pursuing the Drexel MSN in Clinical Trials Research, you must hold an RN license and a completed BSN degree. GPA must be at least 3.0. The program is largely administered online, but certain assignments may require students participate in a real-time online chat session or virtual classroom.

What You'll Learn

The first 18 credits of this 45-credit program focus on the fundamentals of Drexel’s general MSN degrees. Core coursework covers topics in biostatistics, advanced nursing research, technology in healthcare environments, ethics, and issues facing contemporary nursing. Specialized curriculum covers courses such as nursing leadership, clinical trials best practices, management of medical research, and operational procedures. There is also the clinical, worth 5 credits, and a few electives to round out the program.

Career Opportunities for Clinical Trials RNs

The emerging field of clinical trial nursing is catching on rapidly, both for nurses, as well as employers. Graduates of this program are prepared to go to work in a surprising and diverse selection of environments. When you earn your Clinical Trials Nursing degree you have much more career freedom. Move into a job outside the confinement of your stagnant hospital unit. Clinical Trials Nurses may work in medical research hospitals, academics, government sponsored research labs, and private businesses and industries such as pharmaceuticals.As a Nurse Practitioner, you may find work in a wide variety of healthcare settings: hospitals, private practice, long term care facilities, community and public health, mental health, occupational healthcare, out patient clinics, and corrections facilities. You may also choose to work with particular types of patients, as well as with particular illnesses or healthcare needs. Still unsatisfied? Take your MSN to the PhD level.

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