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Nurse Educators are in High Demand

Nursing faculty are some of the most in-demand professionals in healthcare. The alarming nursing shortage is due in part to a sparse population of nurse educators, or nurses with enough education and clinical experience to teach the potential volume of novice nurses. While the healthcare industry works overtime to attract and motivate new nursing recruits, the educator field languishes. Outside the formal confines of a traditional classroom, nurse faculty fill even more specialized educator roles.

Through Drexel's MSN in Contemporary Nursing Faculty degree you get an intensive 44-credit program that emphasizes the latest nurse educator paradigms, emerging classroom technologies, and cutting-edge curriculum development that suits contemporary nursing needs. Online studies are delivered in a customized online environment that you may engage on your schedule. This type of online coursework is relevant and purposeful for pro RNs with little time to waste.


Nursing candidates interested in the MSN in Nursing Faculty: you must be highly motivated to complete coursework. This is advanced degree territory and intended to be no less rigorous than any campus-based degree. Applicants must prove a valid RN license and must have completed the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with a GPA of 3.0, at least. A two-page, professional essay must accompany each candidate’s application and make a cogent argument for his or her decision to pursue this particular degree.

MSN Educator Curriculum

The first 18 credits of the Nursing Faculty degree are the core of all of Drexel’s Nursing Masters. Fundamentals include advanced nursing research, biostatistics, issues facing contemporary nurses, technology and healthcare informatics, and multidisciplinary decision making for nursing professionals. Taken alone these skills are a necessary component in your career move.

Specialized nurse faculty curriculum includes: how to develop, administer, and evaluate nursing coursework, how to teach decision-making skills and critical thinking skills, and exploration of the adult learning process. Students in the Nurse Faculty track learn how rapidly the educator roles are changing to accommodate healthcare’s evolution, including use of emerging technologies that help teach and analyze. Hands-on clinical coursework puts faculty candidates into a variety of educator settings where they are required to employ already learned skills and generate a working evaluation of their experience. Nurses have the unique opportunity to experiment with existing instructional technologies and gain specific insight from experienced nursing faculty.

Career Opportunities for Nursing Faculty

Nursing faculty often migrate to traditional classrooms, but within formal, academic practice there exist a wide range of collegiate settings that draw distinctly different types of nursing students. Nurse educators are employed in diploma programs in hospitals, degree programs in community colleges, liberal arts-centric programs in four-year colleges and universities, and advanced degree specialties in graduate programs. An increasing number of faculty are lured to teach in online educational environments. Others remain a crucial part of a larger hospital-based administrative team where educator specialists administer in-house training. Educators also work in public and community health where they take on roles critical to preventive healthcare regimes.

Drexel University’s online nursing degrees rank alongside other leading online universities. Programs are accredited, convenient, and guarantee a high-level of relevancy and professional substance.

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