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Drexel University’s Health Systems Management Degree

It's high time nurses took a seat around the healthcare boardroom with other key representatives in the industry. Thanks to Drexel's amped up online degree programs, like the Health Systems Management Degree, pro RNs can learn everything they need to be a crack business strategist while using their patient care experience to their best benefit.

In the past, nurses rose to positions as managers and administrators based on their years of experience. Today most make ineffectual leaders without very structured curriculum in healthcare leadership and decision-making. Good news is that high-level positions for nurses are opening up in all areas of healthcare. Nurses in mid and upper level management and administration work in busy hospitals, public and community health, long-term care, and even health insurance companies.

This advanced practice nursing degree takes the know-how an experienced nurse has and adds to it an intensive instruction in management of healthcare information systems and collaborative decision-making, all essential skills in any nurse leader's toolkit.

What You'll be Required to Have

Candidates for the MSN in Leadership and Health Systems Management must show proof of RN licensure and have a completed BSN degree with at least a GPA of 3.0. All applicants must attach letter of career intent in which he and she supports their choice of Health Systems Management as a goal. Most of the coursework may be self-paced by students. The curriculum management system is designed for synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Some assignments or seminars may require students to participate in real-time, in a virtual classroom or via chat session.


This is a 46-credit online course. The base coursework for all Drexel’s MSN online degrees is comprised of 18 credits in fundamental advanced nursing concepts and skills off of which all specialties then build. Core MSN concepts that must be successfully mastered include: advanced nursing research, biostatistics, decision-making for nurse leaders, and contemporary issues in nursing. More targeted curriculum hones in on topics such as: economics and finance for modern healthcare systems, operations management, and healthcare business and politics.

The true test of a nursing students’ knowledge is the hands-on practicum, or clinicals. The first gives students the opportunity to work with experienced nurse leaders-educators within the operations area of a variety of healthcare settings. Here nurse leaders learn what types of professional roles are played, and what types of skills it takes to be effective. The second clinical experience puts students into situations within healthcare where the management of informational systems is key to many other management decisions.

Imagine Your Career Opportunities

Advanced nursing professionals with the MSN in Leadership Management of Healthcare Systems, typically work directly as administrators or leaders in some facet of healthcare. They may also work as coordinators and project managers and the work settings vary widely from hospital management, health insurance administration, and community health systems.

Drexel University Online provides one of the leading distance learning environments. The nursing school offers well over a dozen popular and/or innovative baccalaureate and graduate degrees.

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