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Get In on a Cutting-Edge MSN Program

Perhaps nursing, as the world currently knows it, languishes due to a lack of freethinking entrepreneurs as captivated by nursing as are feverish young business upstarts by their own inventions. Enter the very unique and challenging Masters of Science degree in Nursing Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship. This flagship program is the brainchild of Drexel University Online. One of almost a dozen masters level curriculums; this is a standout for its academic brashness.

The program is designed to attract nursing professionals dissatisfied with the status quo and willing to step outside the traditional nursing role to propose and effect changes in their field--working professional nurses just like you. Professional nursing graduates of this program are involved in administration and clinical practice where they are prepared to create options for both nursing and for the larger healthcare arena.

What This Program Offers You

Imagine a job unlike any you've had before in nursing. You're using the patient care experience you earned the hard way, using what you learned by doing on your unit and synthesizing it with the business end of healthcare and health systems in a totally cool new way--innovation. Nope, you may have no opportunity to innovate now, but wait until you finish this program and there are so few like it; completely innovative in its own right.

What You'll Need to Get On Board

Applicants for this online program must have a valid RN license and be able to show transcripts proving a completed BSN degree with a GPA of at least 3.0. This is a flexible and robust online degree that combines both synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. In some cases, students may be required to participate in real-time chat sessions, while for most assignments nursing students are allowed the convenience of self-study and self-pacing.

What You'll Learn

Like other Drexel Nursing Masters the MSN in Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship is built on a core curriculum that includes 18 credits of general graduate level nursing knowledge: advanced research techniques, biostatistics, contemporary issues in nursing, ethics, and healthcare technology. These courses lay down the essential concepts off of which all other specialized curriculums are constructed. In their own right these are must-have skills for upwardly mobile nurses.

The specialized curriculum attached to this major is heavily weighted on a “capstone project.” This is a three-part degree requirement that makes students--you-- responsible for a fully realized innovative concept. From initial brainstorming to final presentation, you and your online classmates are mentored by experienced faculty. Basic courses in business and healthcare innovation, as well as specific case studies of worthwhile nursing innovations, serve as the preparatory coursework leading into this challenging capstone project. Essential industry specific constraints are discussed as well, such as insurance limitations, government regulations, and ethics and legal issues stirred up by new invention.

As in business programs an emphasis is placed on the your abilities to make contact with the right resources, communicate needs, and work collaboratively within a complex framework of professionals. You must be tenacious when dealing with skeptics, and must be able to defend and take criticism.

Your New Career Opportunities as a Nurse Entrepreneur

Nurse entrepreneurs and innovators may play larger roles as Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Educators, Nurse administrators, and specialists in almost any care environment. Intra-preneurship involves all levels of nursing professionals and is offered as an interdisciplinary degree.

Drexel University is renowned for the quality of its traditional degree programs as well as for its online degrees.

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