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Work at Your Own Pace Online at Drexel U.

RNs that know they want to earn both Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Masters of Science in Nursing have the option to study within the unique framework of the RN-BSN-MSN degree. For all intents and purposes, this is like a fast track to an Advanced Practice Nurse career.

Drexel’s online program makes this an even more attractive degree option. Students work at their own pace and within their own locales—no onsite courses required. The MSN degree is becoming a very popular option for professional nurses. As more and more upper-level management positions open up in healthcare for nurses, then instead of the steady stream out of the profession, more experienced nurses may opt for roles as decision makers.

This program gives you a hands down cutting-edge curriculum designed to fuel your career, as well as job opportunities you've never had.

What You Need to Get Started

Candidates must be highly motivated and prepared to manage their degree, which requires students make specific coursework connections. Eligible applicants must have a valid RN license and have a previous GPA of 2.5. The nursing programs are designed to involve students in both synchronous and asynchronous online learning—certain assignments and courses require real-time participation in a live chat session. This allows students and instructors regular opportunities to interact.

What You'll Learn in the RN to MSN Bridge

RNs must come to the program with their first two years of nursing courses completed. At the BSN level, coursework emphasizes healthcare for special populations, advanced nursing research and contemporary issues, nursing informatics, genetics, and international healthcare.

The MSN segment of this program is as close to customizable as they come: students that successfully complete the BSN portion and are prepared to press on with their MSN, may choose one of Drexel’s MSN specialties:

  • Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Clinical Trials Research
  • Nursing Faculty
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Advance Practice Nursing
  • Health Systems Management

These advanced practice degrees range from the common to the cutting-edge and contemporary.

Your New Career Opportunities as an MSN Degreed Pro

Students in the RN-BSN-MSN have already chosen to pursue a top-level position within nursing. Each of these specialties prepares professionals for leadership roles as well as advanced clinical work. Nurse Practitioners and faculty educators are encouraged to keep their clinical practice current and fresh. Administrative nurses have the opportunity to make it all the way to positions as healthcare CEOs, positions once out of reach for nurses.

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