Study Online and Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

Top-Paying Jobs for Nurses in Medical Law

Have an interest in law? Ever wished you could combine the flexibility of nursing with a legal practice?

Guess what? Legal Nurses have the best of both worlds. Law has become more complex and as such invites consultants from all fields. Nurse consultants are one of the most unique professions and the field guarantees nursing candidates a diverse, interdisciplinary, and above all-well-paying job.

Take an experienced nurse, give him or her the specialized legal training necessary to synthesize a clinical experience with the legal field and you instantly create an extremely experienced professional with niche-specific know-how.

Here's What to Expect

As a legal nurse you really are considered a consultant, a professional with a highly specialized skill to impart to your customers-medical professionals, including nurses, and legal professionals. Your education prepares you to provide the bridge between the two. Physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators will trust you to translate complex legal terminology and concepts into their language, which you already speak well; and lawyers and other legal professionals will expect you to dissect the healthcare processes and practices they in turn must understand.

Expect a highly concentrated educational track when you choose legal nursing. Coursework takes most RNs well outside the scope of their comfort zone. You'll learn the ins and outs of medical malpractice, learn how to decipher court proceedings, conduct relevant legal research and otherwise communicate among a wide field of professionals. Even better, you'll have the opportunity to earn your certificate from the convenience of your own home, according to your schedule.

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Your Career Flexibility as a Legal Nurse

Legal Nurses have impressive career flexibility. You may choose to work part-time as a legal consultant, join a law practice as a legal nurse expert, or work as an administrator in a hospital or healthcare facility. Regardless of environment you will be expected to take a leadership role as a liaison between legal professionals and healthcare professionals. Your unique viewpoint provides the bridge. As a legal nurse consultant expect a big jump in salary, as well.

Online legal nursing programs vary from school to school. Do you have your RN license? Have at least a couple of years of hands-on clinical patient care experience? If so, you satisfy most Legal Nurse program requirements.

So far intensive professional certificate programs dominate this particular field. You could be certified to begin your Legal Nursing career within 12 months if you apply yourself. Twelve months will pass regardless, so why not use it wisely?

Coursework may be synchronous, asynchronous or a combination of the two and you will likely have the chance to interact with other nurses in online discussions and chat. Online legal nurse consultant programs offer the same caliber of education as do their campus-based counterparts. Financial aid may be available from your school, your employer, and don't neglect your professional nursing associations' student support programs.


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