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As a professional working nurse it's likely you can pinpoint systemic failures in the healthcare system, even issues in your own practice that affect all of nursing. If you have this type of insight, why not challenge yourself to a career change? Nursing leadership and management jobs have miraculously opened up in almost every area of healthcare and at every level. Historically nurses were shut out of decision-making jobs, but you have a valuable perspective and the knowledge of patient care from the ground up, a valuable contribution to offer to management.

Next Generation Leadership.

Online nursing programs are as widely accepted as their campus-based counterparts. In fact many traditionally brick and mortar nursing schools have now expanded their courses to make them available for distance learners. So your options are quite plentiful. You'll find, too, that as an indication of the demand for nursing leaders a diverse array of programs is open for nurses at various career levels, including BSN, MSN and post-graduate studies. The biggest benefit of online is the chance to work at your own pace according to your schedule. You work to everyone else's specifications on the job, so take control of your education with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Nursing leaders are obviously required at almost every level of administration in the hospital environment and many take on roles as care managers, coordinators, nursing managers, legal nurses, and supervisors. But if you're at all interested in exiting the traditional nursing roles and settings, you'll quickly discover, as a highly specialized nursing business professional, that there's a great deal of interest for your skills in the private sector as well.

You'll find online Nursing leadership degrees designed as part of an MSN degree program, and as post-graduate professional certificate programs that could have you in a business suit in a year. Remember, as a nurse you work in one of the best industries for vertical career moves-the only thing that holds you back is yourself.

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There are nearly 100 accredited online nursing degree opportunities available. Research your options today.

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