Fast Track to a Nurse Administrator Job

Advanced Degrees and Certificates that Boost Your Career and Salary

Ever imagined yourself in the executive's chair, the "corner office," the leader of the whole shebang? Truth is, if you're RN-licensed and beyond ready for a career revamp, consider the educational track to upper level nursing administration. Your experience, skills, and know-how of patient care paradigms, are wanted upstairs. Here's where nursing meets business.

School Nurse Doesn't Want a Legal Second Opinion.

Quite frankly in the past healthcare administration been reserved for physicians and professional healthcare business people, nurses were largely locked out. In recent years those patterns have changed drastically. Nurses are encouraged to pursue the healthcare boardroom, their expertise and unique viewpoint valued and necessary in the administrative decision-making model.

What You'll Need to Succeed

Still, most professional nurses will not attain administration status. Most simply don't have the desire; others believe they don't have time for the necessary education and training. It takes guts and a hefty dose of business acumen. Here's what you need to change your career permanently and for the better: RN license, BSN degree, desire to administer and create change as part of a team, vigorous problem-solving skills, the ability to see the bigger picture of healthcare, confidence and perseverance. The education you'll need to get to the position of Nurse Administrator is closer than you may think.

Dozens of nursing programs have come online customized to the needs of professional nurses seeking advanced degrees or graduate certifications in Nurse Administration. They are convenient, flexible, affordable and easily molded to the demands of your lifestyle. And they are every bit equal to their traditional campus counterparts.

As a Nurse Administrator you will work as part of a healthcare team, that includes physician administrators and business and financial specialists. You will play an instrumental role in the short-term and long-term direction of a larger patient care practice and healthcare business. Sound like a job you'd like to show up for everyday?

How Do You Get Nurse Administrator Training?

Get trained and change your career forever and for the better.

Here are some of the more popular healthcare administration programs in our databse:

Capella University

South University

Walden University

Grand Canyon University

Norwich University

Liberty University


NAs are wanted at every level in larger healthcare institutions, which means many avenues to an administrative job exist. Choose from a variety of online and distance learning programs. BSN degreed nurses: look for MSN degree programs that provide capstone specialization in healthcare or nursing administration. MSN degreed nurses: fast-track your career with a professional certificate program in Nurse or Healthcare Administration. Coursework includes contemporary healthcare organizations, advanced management and leadership issues facing today's healthcare systems, business and economics for healthcare, and large healthcare information systems, among others.


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