Nursing vs. Midwife for Expectant Mothers

Tuesday, Mar. 19th 2013

Today, pregnant women have lots of choices when it comes to prenatal and post-natal care of themselves as well as their babies. A woman’s choice of care depends upon many factors including her beliefs, her health, and the health of her baby. For instance, some women opt to have an obstetrician/nurse team care for her […]

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Anthrax Online Learning Center: Prevention, Symptoms, Treatment & More

Sunday, Mar. 10th 2013

Anthrax is a disease that is most often associated with the fear of biological warfare and terrorism. In the U.S., this fear escalated in 2001 when anthrax was sent by U.S. mail, infecting twenty-two people and killing five. While biological attack is always a possibility, people are more likely to come into contact with the […]

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Health Resources – The Dangers of Smoking

Thursday, Feb. 21st 2013

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 23% of all high school students use tobacco in one of its forms. Studies have shown that those who begin smoking during their youth are at a greater health risk. Additionally, those who begin smoking in their youth have a harder time quitting in their […]

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Correctional Nurse: Interview with Lorry Schoenly

Friday, Sep. 16th 2011

Part nine of our nursing interview series talks to Lorry Schoenly, a nurse who specializes in correctional facility healthcare. An advocate of specialty nursing, Lorry offers some words of advice for those interested in specialty care.

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Nurse Ratched’s Place: Interview with Terri Polick

Thursday, Sep. 15th 2011

Part eight of our series talks to Terri Polick, better know to online readers as MotherJonesRN. Terri blogs regularly at Nurse Ratched’s Place, and openly shares her experiences and wisdom here.

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Emergiblog: Interview with Kim McAllister

Wednesday, Sep. 14th 2011

In part seven of this series, we interview Kim McAllister a practicing nurse who can be found writing regularly on her popular blog Kim shares with us the wisdom gained from more than 3 decades in nursing.

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Makings of a Nurse: Interview with Nurse Teeny

Tuesday, Sep. 13th 2011

In this section of Nursing: Beyond the Books we talk to Nurse Teeny – an experienced practicing nurse currently working on her Master’s degree. Nurse Teeny regularly blogs at Makings of a Nurse.

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Code Blog: Interview with Gina Rybolt

Monday, Sep. 12th 2011

Part five of our series talks to Gina Rybolt, a popular blogger who can be read at Code Blog. Gina talks openly with us about some of the changes in her views on nursing through the years, and shares a wisdom that goes beyond the textbooks.

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The Dog Ate My Care Plan: Interview with Lovlei McKinnie

Friday, Sep. 9th 2011

The fourth part of our series talks to Lovlei McKinney about her experiences as a nursing student, now very close to graduation day. Read more of her insightful observations and opinions on what can help a nursing student survive and prosper.

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Digital Doorway: Interview with Keith Carlson

Thursday, Sep. 8th 2011

The third part of our series reaches out to Keith Carlson, award-winning blogger of Digital Doorway and a hospice nurse who has also been an adjunct professor of nursing. Keith shares insight into some of the deeper thoughts a nursing student might have while attaining balance.

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