Nursing Makes a Career Comeback

Mix and Match Degree with Specialty, Travel, Good Salaries

Nursing has little by little been dying out. The average age of RNs is keeping pace annually, and fewer young people are drawn to the field. But times are changing. They must so that healthcare as we know it may survive. When one of the largest volumes of healthcare professionals is made up of nurses, their eventual extinction could spell potential disaster.

Money May Be a Future Motivator for Nurses

As ominous as the nursing shortage looks from here, the figures are by no means definite. The career outlook for nurses of all kinds and all degree levels is among the most impressive. The biggest challenge may be getting the word out to younger women, men, and minorities that nursing is convenient, customizable, and economically resilient. Salaries will likely increase as the shortage grows healthier and the industry grapples with more innovative ways to attract recruits.

Nursing is Wide Open for Men, Women, and Minorities

Doctors and Nurses.

The historic lack of males in nursing is an obstacle to be overcome. Only a fraction of the RN population is made up of men and most gravitate to emergency, critical care, trauma, ICU, and administrative nursing positions. Salaries are a top concern for male nurses, along with the desire to care for and help others. A clear roadblock to Nursing’s growth is the chance for young people from all walks of life to forge other viable career pathways. To appeal to their sensibilities travel nurse recruiters work overtime. The promise of jobs anywhere in the U.S., hot salaries and bonuses for completing assignments, speaks to the freewheelers in the field. Other competitive and edgy nursing jobs like cruise ship nursing and flight nursing also leverage more youthful recruits.

Professional Development and Career Support

Professional nursing organizations have ramped up educational opportunities and developed widely accepted specialty credentials. Nurses that learn their field may earn valuable credentials that pay off in career mobility, including promotions, salary increases, and the chance to compete for rare nursing positions.

If all factors could come together right now, nursing could take off. The federal government has rolled out funding to provide for the training of minority nurses in states with large Hispanic populations, beginning with Florida and Texas. Scholarships and tuition reimbursement programs continue to flourish and attract nurse candidates that consider such offers no-brainers.

Online Degree Opportunities

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