Cool Nursing Jobs Built for Freewheelers and Adrenaline Junkies

Laid Back or On-the-Edge Nursing

Like other professions Nursing has its adventurous and gritty alternatives to the traditional care settings. If you consider that nurses are needed almost anywhere a community, large or small, exists, then it’s not hard to see that there could be some rather unique jobs. Technology also paves the way for specialized “techie” nurse jobs.

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Look into some more specific cool nursing jobs:

Travel Nursing and Related Jobs Designed for Nurses On the Go

For generations kids have packed up gear and headed out to residential camps for the summer. How could this be anything less than an opportunity for sickness and injury? This brand of travel nursing recruits LPNs, RNs, and even nursing students with freewheeling, adventurous spirits ready to spend a few weeks in remoter healthcare digs. It’s summer camp for them, as well. Staff nurses at camp have just as much fun as the campers and they work closely with other likeminded medical staff.

Travel nursing is big business. Recruiters fiercely market their “hot jobs” and bonuses to LPNs, RNs, and advanced practice nurses on a year-round, 24/7 basis. Nurses may take their know-how almost anywhere on the map. The nationwide nursing shortage opens up even more regional opportunities and more money in some areas where nurses are critically low.

Ever dreamed of working on a cruise ship? The cruise industry is hungry for well-trained nurses. Jobs may not be as abundant as general travel jobs, but there are plenty to be had for the right RNs. Free room and board, days off, and amazing ports of call make for a work environment some nurses just wouldn’t trade.

If an adrenaline rush is what you’re after and life in the ER or trauma unit turns staid, consider making friends with the local flight nurse team. Pulling on a jumpsuit and taking your place on a trauma helicopter or emergency transport plane could mean having the patience to sit on a waiting list for these very competitive nursing jobs. Ramp up your resume in advance with all the applicable credentials and training you’ll need to be one of the best and first on the scene.

Cool Tech Nurse Jobs

Take advantage of the current flexibility to customize your education and field of specialization. Hyperbaric Nursing is a high-tech Discovery-Channel-meets-Critical-Care subspecialty. Nursing personnel work in scientifically advanced decompression chambers. Traditionally, divers suffering “the bends” were treated in these units, but cutting-edge medicine has found surprising new applications for hyperbaric chambers in regards to wound and trauma care.

Radiology Nurses have suddenly been thrust into the forefront of medical imaging. Their jobs are some of the most autonomous in the field, as well as busy. Radiologic specialties, such as fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, and sonography represent only a partial snapshot of the larger field. Radiology labs that run the gamut of specialties provide nurses with challenging work. Diverse patient populations, limited patient care, and distinctly unique diagnostic tests demand a robust mix of nursing and technical skills.

There are plenty of other cool nursing jobs. If it inspires you, then go for it. The sky’s the limit in the field of nursing. Salaries are often quite good for nurses willing to branch out of the traditional roles. There is something for everyone.


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