Medical Resources: An Online Introduction to Microbiology

Your lungs breathe in up to 10,000 fungal and bacteria microbes every day. These microbes cause bacterial and viral respiratory disease like colds and pneumonia, tuberculosis and strep infections. Other microbes enter your body by touch, through your pores and other body openings. Botulism, worms and other parasites, urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections like herpes and HIV are common bacterial and viral infections.

The study of microbiology includes determining how microbes enter the body’s cells and replicate, interact with and feed off hosts. Some create mild disease, others virulent disease. Microbes are some of the world’s most ancient forms of life—and also the most dangerous.

General Microbiology

BacteriologyBacteria Colonies.


MycologyPetri Dishes.



Microbiology & Biotechnology


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