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 Accredited by: HLC
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Advanced Curriculums Include Nursing

Walden University is a leading online provider of high-quality graduate and post-graduate degree programs, including nursing degrees. In the last couple of years a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration has been added, but this is the only undergraduate degree conferred.

The Need for Adult Education

Walden University was founded in 1970; just about the time that academia was discovering the differences between adult learners and their college age counterparts. Important research during this era was impetus for the founding of Walden, intended to be a university that catered to the distinctly different learning styles and professional needs of adults.

The technological era was a primary motivator in the first couple decades of Walden's founding. It seemed clear that unless adult professionals were provided with an alternative method to gain continued education or higher education, that most would be left behind professionally as more and more well trained college grads rose up through the ranks of business and industry.

Following its start, Walden quickly won accolades for its popularity among post-graduate learners. The university specialized in advanced studies and particularly gained notoriety for its impeccable research programs.

First Online Courses

In the early 90s, WU took a technological leap and added a Masters degree course that was delivered completely over the Internet. By the late 90s almost all of Walden's degrees had gone online. The university has changed hands a number of times, each time becoming a bit larger and more progressive. The most recent affiliation has been with Sylvan Learning and an academic merger with National Technical University.

Schools of study include: College of Education, School of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, School of Psychology, School of Social Service, School of Public Administration, NTU School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Online Program Design

Online education with WU is intended to allow adult professionals the widest berth of flexibility. Degree programs are primarily asynchronous; students may self-pace work within a larger degree completion scheme. The university has a worldwide student body, so there is ample opportunity for students to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals in various parts of the world.

Walden's online nursing program consists of a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) that is divided into two "tracks"-the BSN track and the RN to MSN track. Both offer a direct route to a very comprehensive and accredited advanced nursing degree. RNs may pursue MSN degrees in Education, Leadership and Management, and Informatics.

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