Be Your Own Nurse: Health Information for Kids

Staying safe and healthy is an important part of our overall well being. For kids, it’s really important that parents and children work together to make sure that everyone is living a healthy lifestyle. Health Icons.

Everything from eating right and exercising to staying safe on the playground should be something that the family addresses and pays close attention to. As a child or young teenager, health can sometimes be overlooked. With just a few tips, children of any age can make sure they are following the right guidelines for a healthy, happy, and safe life.


Staying safe and avoiding injury is something all kids need to practice. Whether you’re riding your bike outside, swimming in the local pool, or even just playing at home, it’s important to know the many safety rules that are put in place to help keep children safe. Fire safety is also really important because hundreds of children die or are seriously injured each year due to fire. Following some good rules will help to keep kids safe from harm.

  • FBI – Kids Safety – Here are some excellent safety tips from the FBI for kids and parents to use in their daily lives.

  • Home Fire Safety Lesson – FEMA offers a fun, interactive safety lesson and quiz dedicated to fire safety at home.

  • Kids and Bicycle Safety – Bicycle accidents are a leading cause of injury in children. This page has lots of helpful safety tips to help ensure that children are riding their bikes the right way.

  • Leaving Your Child Home Alone – This article is a must-read for parents who are trying to decide if they should leave their child at home alone.

  • Water Safety – This Safe Kids USA webpage contains information on all types of water safety from boating safety to water safety at home along with a pool safety game for kids.

Alcohol and Drugs

Just say “no” should be something all children learn once they begin school. Avoiding alcohol and drug use starts at home, and kids should learn valuable lessons from their parents about staying away from drugs and drinking. Kids need to know the dangers of these things and what harm it can do to the body and mind. Avoiding peer pressure and learning to stand up to those who might try to influence children to try drinking or drugs is essential.


Many kids don’t like vegetables, but good nutrition is the building block of a strong mind and body. Children need to be sure they’re getting a balanced breakfast each morning and that they are eating a diet of whole grain and lean proteins, as well as healthy fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrients. Learning good eating habits starts early on in life, and kids will then grow up with an appreciation of healthy foods that they can carry with them into adulthood.

  • Guidelines for a Healthy Diet – The Mayo Clinic offers some good guidelines for children and making sure they have a healthy diet.

  • Super Kids Nutrition – This website has games, tips, lesson plans, and more to make sure kids are eating healthy.

  • Nutrition Tips for Kids – Informative and helpful, this website has a lot of good information for making sure kids are eating well.

  • Brain Fuel 4 Kids-Recipes – Here are some fun and easy recipes for kids that can help to ensure they are eating healthy.

  • Weighing in On Health – This article discusses childhood obesity and the importance of kids eating a proper diet.


Exercise is important for everyone regardless of their age. Kids should be active and play, so that their muscles and bones will grow correctly. Children who exercise regularly tend to be physically fit later in life, and it helps them avoid becoming obese. Staying active can also help with social skills and playing together with others. Keeping fit and staying in motion is important for an overall healthy lifestyle.

  • Fitness for Youth – This is a list of interesting facts about young people and physical fitness.

  • The President’s Challenge – Discover the Presidential Fitness Challenge and learn more about kids and physical fitness here.

  • Remember to Exercise! – This site has some brief facts, tips, and more for kids to remind them to exercise and stay fit.

  • Why Fitness Matters – This page contains some interesting information about why fitness is important for kids of all ages!

  • Shape Up America! – Parents and kids can find a wealth of information here all dedicated to health and physical activity/fitness.


Sometimes, the best way to stay healthy is to prevent getting sick in the first place. Washing hands after using the restroom can help to avoid catching various viruses. Brushing teeth after every meal and before bed time can help to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Getting the proper immunizations at the right age can be another good way to help keep the immune system in check. Doing a few things to help prevent problems to begin with can pay off greatly in the long run and keep kids healthy.

  • Handwashing – This is a fun yet educational website that focuses on germs and health related issues; here is the hand washing section but there are also other aspects to explore.

  • Colds in Children – A website that has some great insight for parents about what to do when their child is sick and how to handle a cold.

  • How Colds are Spread – Here is some interesting information for kids and parents that teaches how colds can be spread around.

  • Teach Kids How to Brush Their Teeth – Oral hygiene is important; here is some great information about teaching kids to brush their teeth.

  • Preventative Health Care – Every parent and child should know about how to stay healthy and how to prevent sickness from occurring; here is some excellent information about preventative health care for kids.

General Health

Children from infancy all the way to the teenage years should practice good general health habits. Eating a wholesome, nutritious diet with good healthy foods and getting proper sleep and exercise are important building blocks to a better life. Both kids and parents should work together to make sure they have the tools they need to stay safe, prevent sickness, and to be able to feel good and have a healthy life. This general health encompasses mental health as well, and a nurturing environment helps to ensure that children are happy and stable.

  • Kids’ Health Website – On this website, you can play games, read facts and learn about all kinds of aspect kids’ health.

  • Live Healthy – This website has a lot of great information for parents and kids on staying healthy.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics – This site is a plethora of great information for parents and kids about general health topics.

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