Online Community Nursing Programs

Public and Occupational Health Nurses Wanted

Community Health Nursing programs available in an online format offer professional RNs abundant career opportunities and flexible education options. Think about it: the nursing field has built-in career mobility. Choose a specialty that allows you to move laterally, or add on degrees and training that give you the freedom to move up, change patient care venues, lead others, earn more money, even move across the country if you choose. Nursing careers are wide open and eager to hire new grads as well as seasoned nurses, all over the country.

Online and distance learning programs are plentiful for nurses seeking a community health career. Certificate and degree programs are available as well as those suited to nurses at all professional levels. Study at your own pace, interact with other nurses online in real time chat and discussion sessions, and schedule clinicals locally for your convenience.

Healthy Community.

In a community health nurse program, certificate or degree, you'll learn how to work with diverse populations, expand your knowledge of pharmacology, engage in evidence-based nursing research, learn how to interface with other public service leaders and react to disaster situations, problem-solve current public and community health issues, lead others in your field, and deal competently with specific patient populations.

Flexible Work Environments Get You Outside the Hospital

As a Community or Public Health Nurse you'll have your pick of jobs in a wide range of patient care environments-think large numbers of people, or environments that contain a large population of people, and you'll find the need for your community nursing skills. Correctional facilities, school systems, urban and rural public healthcare clinics, large corporations and industrial environments, hospitals, and nursing homes all require the expertise provided by a community health nurse.

Online community health nurse programs may be found in certificate and degree formats, and may even be pursued as continuing education credits. But prepare yourself for rigorous and comprehensive coursework designed to get you prepared to hit the ground running. Candidates must be confident and able to self-manage, unafraid of communication with outside professionals, able to work with a diverse population of patients and ready to manage large-scale community health issues. An online education can prepare for these responsibilities.

Closely associated programs to Community Health include Public Health Nursing and Occupational/Environmental Health Nursing.

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