Online Education in Nursing Midwifery

Become a Nurse Leader in Women's Healthcare

Nurse midwives are hands down some of the most unique healthcare professionals and considered one of the advanced practice nurse specialists. Turn your nursing clinical experience to date and your love of motherhood and infants into a career renovation. As a Nurse Midwife you'll have leadership responsibilities, care management responsibilities and opportunities to guide and educate women and families during childbearing years.

Newborn Boy Held by Midwife.

Truth is, only a fraction of the time spent as a Nurse Midwife is involved in direct childbirth-the remainder of your time is neo-natal and post-natal care for mother and child. It's rewarding, well-paying and a great way to forge lasting patient relationships.

Even better, at this level of nursing you'll have the option to work independently, free from micro-managing residents and over-paid physicians.

Challenge Your Career as a Nurse Midwife

Looking for challenge? If you are RN-licensed and have a BSN with clinical experience you already have the components necessary to bring your career to the next level, as a Nurse Midwife. As a professional nurse you may overlook the bigger picture of your field: nurses at every level have unbounded career mobility. The only thing that holds you back is yourself. The education end of it couldn't get any easier in this day and age. Online nursing education has arrived. It's flexible, it's convenient and customizable, no matter how jam-packed your daily schedule. When you opt for an online program you buy into a curriculum equal to any campus-based nursing program available. Many excellent brick and mortar nursing schools have expanded to be able to deliver many of their programs online for busy RNs short on time.

Distance learning programs designed to train you as a Nurse Midwife target nurses that have at least earned their BSN degree. This is an advanced practice nursing degree and as such you'll earn your MSN plus the capstone specialization in nurse midwifery. Do you already have your MSN? Then you may pursue a Post-Grad or Post MSN professional certificate program which could fast-track you to the field. You'll work in hospitals, women's health clinics, outpatient clinics and in private practice.

Take your place as an advanced practice nurse midwife.


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