Distance Education Programs Focused on Women's Healthcare

Nurse Practitioner Specialists

Women's healthcare has, in recent years, taken a few giant leaps forward. At the same time healthcare across the board has become extremely expensive and physicians' schedules jam-packed with little room for special treatment. Enter advanced practice nurses trained in women's healthcare.

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As a nurse specialist you may pursue a couple of avenues in women's healthcare, including nurse midwifery, specializations in obstetrics and gynecology, and as Women's Health Nurse Practitioners. NPs have the unique opportunity to work autonomously, independently of overpaid physicians and scrutinizing residents. You may build your own patient base, diagnose medical conditions, prescribe treatment and medications, develop short and long term care plans for patients and collaborate with other health professionals when necessary for patient care. Sound appealing?

When You Choose Distance Learning

Online study programs are specially designed with the needs of working nurses in mind. When you choose a distance learning program, such as an NP in Women's Health, you choose an education as valid as any campus-based program and most employers now recognize them. Online means you set your study schedule and your pace. You have the same highly trained nurse instructors, same curriculum as the on-campus courses and are encouraged to interact with online classmates in discussion and chat.

If you enjoy working with diverse populations, have an interest in the health issues that face women in the 21st century, and would prefer to develop long-term patient relationships as a means to provide treatment, then you are a ringer for a NP program. Coursework prepares you to analyze women's healthcare, provide holistic and preventative care, deliver appropriate pharmacological support to women and serve as counselor and educator over the short and long term.

What to Expect from Your New Career

Where might you work? If you've thought about moving your nursing career in new directions, like Women's health nursing, then you may also have imagined into what types of patient care arenas you may find yourself. Anywhere you find a significant population of women, nurses specialized in women's health will be needed. However, WH-NPs often work in hospitals, private practice, and in women's clinics.

As a nurse your career options are unbounded. Online degree programs make it possible to move into just about any nursing specialty you choose. So choose.


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