Transcultural Certificate for Nurses through Distance Learning

Building a Diverse Care and Practice Paradigm

Are you interested in patient care involving diverse populations? Considered travel nursing nationally or internationally? Transcultural nursing focuses specifically on the cultural anomalies facing nurses working with patients from different cultures. Even in your traditional patient care environments it's likely you've bumped up against cultural obstacles, including language, religious belief, political stance and more. You'd have to admit the traditional American healthcare system offers little room for sharp cultural differences-it's very ethnocentric.

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Learn How to Provide Care for Culturally Diverse Patients

Transcultural nursing education programs can teach you how to manage historically misunderstood patients with distinct cultural differences and perspectives on healthcare and medicine. Pair this training with your BSN or MSN and your clinical experience to date and you increase your career options in nursing, opening up unique opportunities worldwide or in isolated culturally distinct communities within the U.S. Sound appealing?

Because this is such a specialty in nursing healthcare, only a few transcultural nursing programs exist and those that do are designed for post-graduate, or advanced practice nurses looking for a career edge in a very specialized segment of healthcare.

How Long is a Transcultural Nursing Program?

Professional certificate programs in International, Multicultural or Transcultural Nursing typically take 12 months to complete. Online curriculums offer you the chance to integrate high quality education with your busy lifestyle. You decide when you'll logon and study, complete assignments and interact with classmates through web-based discussion and chat boards. Faculty are knowledgeable and experienced in the field and nurses graduate with bankable and in-demand skills.

Online Transcultural or International Nursing programs cover coursework including social, political and cultural barriers to healthcare, medical conditions and diseases common to specific populations and cultures, issues facing healthcare professionals administering care to diverse peoples, and how to develop appropriate care plans and interventions when working with other cultures.

Your Career Pay-Off

Say you do the work involved in the program.then what? Does it give you an automatic "in" to a specialized nursing job? Remember, transcultural nursing may prepare you to provide care for a wide range of populations, including some very isolated domestic cultures. You don't necessarily have to seek employment internationally. Consider large hospitals and healthcare facilities that draw significant populations of patients from all over the globe. Here are opportunities for advanced practice nurses with specialized inter-cultural training.

You could find yourself in a job as a mission nurse or in an overseas medical volunteer program. Small rural and urban healthcare clinics may require special nurses with unique culturally sensitive practice paradigms and you could use your knowledge to gain access to nursing administration or leadership jobs. You decide where and how far you'll take your experience.


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