Online Forensic Nursing Programs

Challenge Your Clinical Experience in the CSI Field

Forensic nursing is the "cool" of nursing degrees. This new field of nursing study combines sharp clinical practice skills inherent in an RN with the components of law enforcement and crime scene investigation. Forensic nurse candidates: prepare to hone your analytical and problem solving skills to a razor-sharp edge.

Crime Scene Photo.

Intrigued and challenged? Prepare yourself for a rigorous online or blended program that engages you across a range of curriculums, including law, ethics, and social work. Turn your natural analytical skills to science-based research and learn exactly what it takes to forge productive and successful communication among the people you'll be required to work among. As a forensic nurse you will work with victims, criminals, legal personnel, serve as expert witness, and as nurse consultant, bridging the gap between healthcare and the criminal justice system. You are on the very front line of a cutting edge field and considered a professional with highly specialized skills. Even better: the pay's pretty good, too.

Getting Beyond the Hospital

If you've yearned to work outside the traditional patient care environments, you've chosen to explore the right field. As a forensic nurse your patients may take you outside the hospital walls. Get involved in a crime scene and you could be on-site evaluating a living breathing victim or analyzing a corpse. You could be called to a disaster scene where lightning-fast reflexes, the ability to modify patient assessments to the situation, must mix seamlessly with evidence preservation. In the courtroom you could be called as an expert witness or to provide testimony relevant to a case, you could work for insurance companies and provide skilled evaluations of traffic accidents and victims' claims. Forensic nurses at work in hospitals and clinics often provide very specialized care for sexual assault and domestic violence victims, again skillfully providing intensive patient care and assessments while indiscreetly protecting and collecting visible and latent evidence.

What to Expect from a Distance Learning Forensic Nurse Program

Online forensic nursing study programs welcome RN-licensed BSN or MSN degreed nurses seeking a track into an exciting and challenging nursing specialty. Curriculums build on the clinical experience you already possess, but train you to manage patients, evidence, and case scenes as an investigator as well as a nurse.

Forensic nursing programs come in degree or certificate programs, and both are designed to provide a high-level of practical training to experienced professional nurses, all available on your schedule and at your own pace. Good news: A growing selection of nursing schools offers a Forensic Nursing program in an online environment.

You have the experience, and now you have the flexibility of an online learning environment. You could be working in the field as a forensic nurse within 12 months.


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