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Turn Clinical Experience Into a Specialized Psych Nursing Career

Mental Health and Psych nurses are special breeds of caregivers. Want to be counted among them? This compelling and unique nursing specialty is demanding and challenging and requires specialized nurses at every level, from clinician to administrator. To succeed and move forward chances are likely you'll need special training in this field. Add on education credits or degrees to your clinical experience and you could boost your career and pay into fresh new healthcare areas.

Mental Health.

Choose to add a psych nursing certificate to your CV or resume, pursue a BSN or MSN and cap it with a mental health/psych nursing specialty, or pursue an advanced nursing program that leads to career independence, such as Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Online and distance learning programs are widely considered equivalent to their campus-based programs. You get the same instructors, the same curriculum, but the opportunity to study on your schedule and at your own pace. As a professional nurse you already have a full daily schedule, but you should know that advancing your education means advancing your career and both are well within reach and may be custom fit to your lifestyle. Financial assistance could be provided by your employer or available from your school. Also don't overlook nursing loan forgiveness programs.

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Become a Successful, Well-Paid Psych Nurse

Are you ready for a challenging and intensive curriculum that teaches you how to guide and counsel patients with mental health issues? Want to find out how to effectively manage a crisis intervention and provide effective patient care modalities? Online Mental Health Nursing programs come in fast-track certificate programs or as specialized degree tracks - part of a BSN or MSN. Curriculum coursework commonly includes advanced assessment of mental health patients, issues and crises affecting psych patients, family care issues, psychopharmacology, psychiatric nursing theories, and management of diverse populations.

Your work environment may change, too. Nurses with unique care specialties have choices among patient care environments-as a mental health nurse practitioner, for example, you're not locked into a hospital. You could build your own private practice, partner with other healthcare professionals to render services, or work in an outpatient clinic. Other mental health/psychiatric nursing professionals have the same flexibility. Almost anywhere you have a patient population there will be mental health patients and job openings for motivated and well-trained nurse professionals. Find out what you need to get your mental health nursing career in gear.

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