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Children Pose Unique Nursing Challenges

As a working nurse you may have pediatric patients to manage. If so you know this patient population requires unique nursing skills. Children, from infancy through adolescence, face challenges in the healthcare system, which are most effectively managed by nurses. You are, after all, the ultimate patient advocate. Pediatric patients, particularly small children, face challenging communication hurdles. You must understand their body language, as well as have the ability to read complex family relationships in order to effect successful treatment.

Are you seeking a satisfying patient population? Children challenge you completely differently from other patients: most have developmental hurdles you must overcome, many perceive pain vastly differently from adults and they may be unwilling, unable, or too scared to convey their true symptoms.

Pediatric Nurse Seeing a Little Girl.

Getting the Skills Necessary for Pediatric Nursing

If you already work with children, but want to pursue a nurse specialty try the online BSN or MSN. Both boost your career and offer you a range of skills you may tailor to specific patient populations, including pediatric patients. If you want to work with children the solution to getting your foot in the department door is additional education.

Online nursing degrees such as the BSN and MSN are available from almost every nursing school. Regardless of how busy you may be with job, family or social life, distance learning makes it possible for you to plan your education around other responsibilities. You log on and study at your convenience from your home computer, no excuses about on-campus studies.

You will have an edge in a pediatric specialty with advanced nursing degrees. Online Family Health Nursing and Women's Health programs are both avenues to pediatric careers. Some certificate programs also cater to nurses looking to enter the pediatric field.

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Your Work Options in Pediatrics

But are you confined to a hospital career? Nurses specialized in pediatric healthcare could find rewarding jobs in a number of patient care facilities: children's hospitals, outpatient clinics, private practices and in school systems as a community health nurse.

You'll learn advanced nursing assessments for children, pediatric pharmacology, medical conditions and diseases common to children and adolescents and learn how to develop successful family relationships as a means to manage children's healthcare over the short- and long-term.


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