Earn Your Nursing Degree at a School in Vermont

Accredited Colleges Attract New Students to the Field

Christmas in Vermont.

The nursing field has always been a solid choice, but now more than ever you have the opportunity to really seal the deal. When you choose nursing you choose a steady salary, easily navigated career ladders and a dizzying array of career specialties from which to choose.

In Vermont the nursing shortage may not be quite as severe as elsewhere, but as the population ages the state will feel the pinch. Already you have quite a few job options between the 16 hospitals and medical centers.(1) But Vermont also has quite a few long term care facilities that employ a larger percentage of nurses than they do in other areas of the country.(2)

Types of Degrees for Nursing Students in VT

Fewer schools doesn't mean fewer nursing degrees to choose from. You'll find that all the nursing degrees are represented and many of the nursing specialties.

Average salary range for a staff RN in Brattleboro is between $56,000 and $68,000,(3) which is fairly comparable to many other areas of the country. A number of ways many nurses boost their salary include: travel nursing assignments, sign-on bonuses and performance bonuses, working overtime, holiday and extra shifts, or working per diem.

Frozen Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont.

For information on state licensure requirements visit the Vermont State Board of Nursing.

Vermont Nursing Schools that Offer Some Online Degree Options

Norwich University
Department of Nursing
NLNAC Accredited

Search our big list of online nursing schools for many more distance education opportunities.

Campus-based Nursing Schools in Vermont

Castleton State College — Castleton
Nursing Department
NLNAC Accredited

Norwich University — Northfield
Department of Nursing
NLNAC Accredited

Southern Vermont College — Bennington
Nursing Division
NLNAC Accredited

University of Vermont — Burlington
School of Nursing
CCNE Accredited

Vermont Technical College — Randolph Center
Nursing Programs
NLNAC Accredited

1 Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
2 Report on Nursing in Vermont
3 Salary.com




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