RehabRN Interview

Wednesday, Sep. 7th 2011

In the second installment of our series, we look to rehabrn, a specialist who blogs about being a rehabilitation caregiver. See how her experiences have brought her to a deeper understanding of nursing, and can help you do likewise.

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Introduction to Nursing: Beyond the Books (a series of nurse interviews)

Tuesday, Sep. 6th 2011

This is the nursing interview series Nursing: Beyond the Books brought to you by We offer in-depth interviews that are unconventional, looking for the real answers nursing students want – and NEED – to hear.

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New Nurse Insanity Interview

Tuesday, Sep. 6th 2011

In this section of Nursing: Beyond the Books we talk to Shrtstormtrooper – a nurse who has been practicing now for a while and has a few things to share about her experiences and feelings.

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Why Pets are Perfect Nursing Home Companions

Wednesday, Sep. 8th 2010

One of the top complaints of nursing home patients is loneliness. When my grandmother had to go into a nursing care facility, I noticed that they had two dogs at the front desk that were permitted to roam free throughout the building. I had never seen this before, but it made perfect sense. It turned […]

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How to Handle Kids and Shots

Tuesday, Aug. 31st 2010

I recently had to take my child to get a couple of shots at the doctors office. Oh did I dread this day. No one likes needles, especially kids! Think about it, you are going to a sterile doctors office filled with screaming kids to get a needle stuck in you on purpose, that is […]

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Midwife Myths

Monday, Aug. 9th 2010

A friend of mine recently gave birth at a “Birthing Center” using only a jacuzzi and a midwife. Being equally pregnant at the time and terrified of hospitals, I considered doing the same. So after extensively researching midwifery and all that it entails, I learned that many people are misinformed about midwives, their training and […]

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Evolution of the Nursing Profession

Monday, Aug. 9th 2010

Ask any nurse who has worked longer than twenty years how their profession has changed and you might be surprised. Unlike the typical “times were tougher back then” answer, nine times out of ten, they’ll say that nursing today is much more involved and respected than it was fifty years ago. Rocking the Roles Not […]

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National Nurses Week: A Look Back at Notable Nurses

Tuesday, May. 18th 2010

When you think of fame and fortune, nursing is not the first profession that comes to mind.  For one thing, it is not a career that lends itself to grandstanding or public attention.  Most people who enter the nursing profession do it because of a deep-seated desire to help others in need, rather than advance […]

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School Nursing: Pros and Cons

Wednesday, Mar. 10th 2010

Becoming a school nurse can either be a rewarding and pleasurable career or a living nightmare.  There’s certainly something noble about devoting one’s life to the health and education of children, but on the other hand, they sure do puke a lot.  However, there are many pros and cons to be considered before deciding not […]

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The How and Why of Travel Nursing

Sunday, Jan. 24th 2010

Travel nursing, as a profession, is pretty much what it sounds like.  Traveling nurses become specialized in a specific field and can travel all over the country, or even the world, working for private clients or helping out at hospitals in need.  It is an opportunity to work in your chosen field with the luxury […]

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