How to Handle Kids and Shots

31/08/10 2:58 PM

needleI recently had to take my child to get a couple of shots at the doctors office. Oh did I dread this day. No one likes needles, especially kids! Think about it, you are going to a sterile doctors office filled with screaming kids to get a needle stuck in you on purpose, that is no one’s idea of fun! So here are a few tips to help you handle the shot situation when it’s time to take the kids in for a doc visit:

Don’t Hide the Painful Truth

The last thing you want is for your child to be “surprised” by a nurse with a needle. So on the car ride over to the doctor’s office explain to your child that they are going to get a couple of shots and yes, it may pinch a little, but it will be over super quick! Make it sound simple and don’t drag it out. Answer questions your kid may have and steer the conversation. Explain that these shots will help make them big and strong and that it will keep them from getting sick.

Stay Calm!

Your child will feed off of your fear if they see that you are anxious or nervous. Kids are very in tune to every move their parents make, so lead by example and keep cool. Encourage your child and even sing a “shot” song with them as a distraction. Who knows, the nurse may even join in!

A GOOD Surprise

Right before the shot, have a special candy or toy ready and hidden in your purse. Tell your child beforehand that they are in for a treat to take their mind off of what is about to happen. This reward gives your kid a goal and puts a positive spin on getting a shot.

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