DU Addresses Need for International and Transcultural Nurses with Online Certificate for Post-Grads

Culturally Diverse Nursing Comes of Age

The Transcultural/International Nurse certificate through Duquesne University is a contemporary and innovative program designed to shape and sharpen the global perspective of advanced practice nurses. Nurses in this field may be a subset of community and public health nurses.

Duquesne University offers seven post-masters specializations, one of which is the Transcultural program. Nurses must have a valid RN license and have already completed their Masters of Science in Nursing. Candidates should also be working within a multicultural setting or planning a career change to culturally diverse care settings.

What is Transcultural Nursing?

The world is no longer isolated into separate regions. Globalization impacts the microcosm as well as the macro. Even small communities within the U.S. now embrace small pockets of cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity. The healthcare of such populations is often a secondary, or tertiary concern. But now, as communities grow increasingly sensitive to cultural differences it's clear that the methods with which westernized healthcare have dealt with such patient populations must change in order to be effective.

Ethnocentric Values Undermine Global Healthcare

Also many more healthcare professionals have sought practice opportunities overseas even in short-term mission projects and in extreme Third World circumstances. In such situations western healthcare professionals often bring with them ethnocentric healthcare practices and values. They have taken little time or care to familiarize themselves with the distinctive, native differences in patient attitude, healthcare practices, and even types of illnesses. This can and has impeded proper healthcare across a transcultural healthcare plane.

Transcultural/International Nurses are trained to evaluate patients based on core differences such as culture. Within this framework nurses may effect interventions and care plans based on patient beliefs, assumptions, and cultural attitudes.


This is a 12-credit course that prepares advanced practice nurses to work nationally or internationally in culturally diverse settings and with a wide range of patients. Candidates may take the transcultural nurse credentialing exam upon successful completion of the required coursework. Students must engage in assignments and research with a chosen cultural group. They may also be required to participate both synchronously and asynchronously-some assignments may demand real-time virtual classroom participation, in which nurse professionals interact with classmates within the curriculum management system.

Career Opportunities

This is a fairly new nursing sub-specialty and as such suggests much more growth in the future. Without a doubt healthcare is turning a more sensitive ear to the needs of diverse populations. As this happens, demand will increase for highly trained nurses able to deliver culturally sensitive, synergistic care.


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