Nebraska Methodist College Features Undergrad and Grad Programs

Nebraska Methodist.

School Overview
 Serves: USA
 Accredited by: NCACHE
 Enrollment: Semester
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes

Array of Health-Centric Curriculums

Nebraska Methodist College specializes in healthcare education for today's professionals. NMC provides an ever-expanding stable of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees and certificates across a spectrum of healthcare specialties. The college is a natural outgrowth of the well-known Methodist Health System and located near downtown Omaha. The health system is a non-profit complex that serves patients regionally, as well as many from all over the country.

Academic Specialties

NMC offers academic programs in phlebotomy, medical assisting, medical group administration, nursing, radiologic technology, respiratory care, health promotion management, sonography, and surgical technology. Most of these are very granular specializations designed for allied health technicians.

The programs at NMC are considered state-of-the-art for their approximation and access to the Methodist Health System. Signs that the program is on the upswing in popularity include purchase of a large complex that will be turned into residential student dorms and the addition and expansion of an online distance-learning environment. The Nursing program is one of the most active. The department hosts a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, an accelerated BSN, and a BSN completion program. At the graduate level, Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) degrees may be had in an Education or Nurse Executive concentration, as well as a Post-Masters Certificate in Nursing Education. These programs are offered through the online environment to nurses locally and nationally.

Drive for Nurse Educators and Executives

The Nurse Executive track is the newest addition and mirrors the industry demands for highly educated nursing leaders that have the career motivation to combine their clinical experience of healthcare with business concepts and administrative know-how. Nurse Educators are in rare demand as well. The national nursing shortage has driven skyward the necessity for educators. The industry has worked overtime to attract the attention of new nurse recruits. In response to advertisements of career mobility and good jobs, many new recruits are now flocking to nursing programs, only to be waitlisted. Why? There are not nearly enough nurse educators to handle the new load.

Distance learning programs that target graduate nurses, like Nebraska Methodist's, have sprung up as part of a larger solution to the scary shortages anticipated in the next couple of decades. There are few ways to reach the legions of working nurses with little time to return to a face-to-face campus program, but who might, when given the opportunity, pursue advanced degrees within the parameters of an online program.

Nursing Certificate Programs

Nursing Master's Degree Programs



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