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The Legal Nurse Consulting program is offered as a professional certificate through Post University. This type of program allows working nurses the ability to complete a concentrated list of courses that provides the most relevant career training without general education requirements often associated with full-blown degrees.

Legal nurses comprise a growing field of specialization that appreciates the unique healthcare perspective of nurses. Professionals with significant and diverse clinical patient experience may find their expertise very much in demand once blended with legal training. Advanced nurses bridge the communication gap between attorneys, courts, and healthcare professional in various situations. Medical malpractice suits may directly affect healthcare practitioners and these professionals may work for healthcare or for attorneys. They offer guidance, advice, conduct intensive research, write professional, legal reports, as well as serve as expert witnesses when necessary.

Requirements for the Legal Nurse Program

This is a professional certificate program, which means nurse applicants are required to have their RN license and evidence of Associates, Bachelors, or Masters in Nursing degrees as well as at least 2.0 GPA. Applicants are expected to have adequate self-motivation to remain on time with course timelines, albeit under flexible circumstances. Working nurses often must put in some study time each day to be successful in distance learning programs. This may mean late night or weekend study sessions.


The Legal Nurse Consulting certificate is comprised of nine specialized credit courses and a legal internship to be planned in conjunction with faculty supervisors. The course work commences with computer skills and accounting, then digs into the legal nitty-gritty such as: personal injury and malpractice law, overview of court system and typical legal proceedings, advanced legal research for nurses, legal report writing, a department elective and the required internship. During the internship candidates are given the opportunity to work with legal experts able to nurture budding legal skills.

Career Opportunity

Legal nurses may find plentiful jobs in law-with attorneys' offices and in hospital legal departments. Demand is also growing amid private healthcare industry, especially in pharmaceutical companies and in health insurance. Experienced legal nurses-those with advanced nursing degrees in combination with legal studies-may opt to go into business for themselves, opening private consultancy offices and working for a wide variety of healthcare and legal clients.

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