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Nursing Expertise Blends Well with Legal System

Legal nurses fill an uncommon niche-they play roles as legal experts when it comes to nursing healthcare issues taken to the courtroom. Plenty of malpractice suits and legal cases involving hospitals include significant evidence that may or may not be specific to nursing. Nurses spend so much time caring for patients that when something goes wrong, accusations may include nursing staff, whether legitimate or not. Decoding the medical practices and processes is a crucial step in litigation and case preparation, and consultation with legal nurses has become much more commonplace and encouraged.

Legal Nurse Work Environments

Consultation indicates an extraordinary level of academic achievement. Truth is that legal nurses may be RNs with BSNs or MSNs whose law interests have drawn them into the field. Professionals may choose to work within a larger context:

  • Law office
  • Police department
  • Public health
  • Insurance or HMO company
  • Private practice

Salaries compete with the most lucrative in nursing, which makes the KU certificate program very affordable and competitive. Tuition is $3,500.

Course Curriculum

The coursework for the Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate takes about a year to complete, that's at one's own pace. Candidates learn legal material from the ground up, including methods of data collection and pertinent legal/medical research, medical risk management issues, civil law, and ethics and regulations for healthcare professionals. Legal nurses spend much of their time immersed in medical and legal research, preparing information for lawyers or for court cases. Very experienced professionals, especially those in private practice, may also serve as expert witnesses.

Purdue University Global: Leading Online University

Purdue University Global is among the leading universities offering high-quality, affordable online degree programs. Purdue Global has been perfecting its innovative delivery methods, especially tailored for working adults whose learning needs differ greatly from those of college age students. Professionals with little free time on their hands, anticipate courses that distill theory and provide as much relevant hands-on skills as possible. Candidates in the Legal Nurse Consultant online program study in a variety of environments: real-time discussion and offline projects.


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