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Distance Programs Designed with Professional RNs and BSNs in Mind

The MSN in Informatics offered through Walden University provides nurse professionals with a contemporary advanced degree that allows them to make the most of their nursing experience and passion for technology. Who better to make sense of the convoluted patient care paradigm in relation to the technological needs of healthcare? The degree is designed for BSNs interested in an advanced specialization in Informatics and for RNs looking for a fast track to their MSN.

Nursing is keeping pace with the rest of the turnovers in technology. The rapid growth of healthcare technologies has carved out a niche for Informatics Nurses, specialists that synthesize the necessary hands-on nursing modalities with the technological tools that manage and document all kinds of healthcare data. In many cases new healthcare technology has been developed and tested by non-nurse professionals leading to long lag times for learning, and costly demands for system modifications.

Informatics nursing is one of the most challenging of the nursing specialties. The field offers a unique and diverse array of job situations and duties, all of which engage professional nurses in an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare and emerging technology.

Requirements for Informatics Degree

RN applicants must have a completed Associates degree or diploma in nursing as well as a valid RN license. They must have a certain combination of course pre-requisites before beginning the foundation courses. Applicants must have a completed BSN degree and a valid RN license.


Degree candidates spend 41 credit hours involved in intensive core and specialty coursework. General coursework for any of the MSN degrees at WU lays the foundation for the specialty-specific curriculum. General MSN courses include: nursing theory and practice, evidence-based practice, nurses as healthcare leaders, healthcare organizations, and healthcare for diverse populations.

Informatics-specific curriculum covers topics such as: database design and management, information systems design, development, and administration, and project management for healthcare professionals.

RN candidates are required to complete 65 credit hours, the difference made up in coursework that is related to the general BSN curriculum. They are required to complete this prior to advancing onto the MSN and Informatics courses outlined above.

Career Opportunity

Technology is permanent in healthcare, which means Informatics Nurses will have ever more demanding jobs. This unique blend of skills positions nurses for jobs as programmers, systems testers, nurse educators, systems administrators, and information systems designers.

Walden University is recognized for its high-end, online graduate and post-graduate degree programs designed with busy professionals in mind.

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