IWU's Nursing Bachelors Completion Program Fulfills Industry Standard

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Online RN-BSN Emphasizes Informatics

Indiana Wesleyan University's online RN-BSN program continues in IWU's tradition of providing Christ-centered education. Though online programs demand less religious instruction than campus-based traditional courses, IWU still emphasizes the "mind, body, spirit" of the Christian student. The online RN-BSN program is one of the most in-demand nursing programs. Essentially a baccalaureate completion program, the degree aims to provide nurses with a previous Associates degree-two years of nursing education-with the final two years of a baccalaureate, or four-year undergraduate. Nurses may transfer in previous credits earned and focus entirely on their goal to earn the BSN.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees have become the industry standard. Nurses at this degree level enjoy career flexibility just not possible for two-year degreed nurses. BSNs have access to micro-specialized nursing practice as well as management and supervisory positions.

IWU emphasizes its balanced program, a meld of skills and theory within a highly interactive virtual environment.

Requirements for Admission

Candidates interested in enrollment with IWU's RN-BSN program must be RN licensed and possess a completed, two-year degree in Nursing from a state board approved school. Previous GPA must be at least 2.0 and participants must maintain an adequate GPA throughout the degree program. Students must also have at least one year of clinical patient care experience.

All online programs require a high level of self-motivation that must be sustained over the long-term. A basic knowledge of computers and the ability to easily navigate through online environments makes curriculum programs much less tedious.


A unique feature of IWU's RN-BSN program is the requirement that Nursing Informatics be completed prior to subsequent coursework. This underscores the industry's migration to electronic and digital environments and the insistence that contemporary RNs must be masters.

The remainder of the curriculum takes between a year and a half and two to complete and includes course topics such as: gerontology, pathophysiology, nursing research, laws and ethics for nurses, nursing theory, community nursing, transcultural nursing, integrative therapies, and nurses in management and leadership roles. Hands on practicum play a large part in this program and must be arranged with IWU nursing advisors. Clinical study allows BSN candidates the opportunity to experience a diverse cross-section of patient population and the chance to integrate more complex skills to their nursing practice.

Career Opportunity

Nurses that go on to earn their BSN degrees may go almost anywhere within the realm of nursing and many are choosing to earn their MSN degrees. Dozens of sub-specialties inside and outside a traditional hospital care setting afford experienced nurses more responsibility as clinicians, increased autonomy, and leadership duties.


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