MSNs, Want to Specialize? NMC Offers a Web-Based Post Grad Cert for Nurse Educators

Nebraska Methodist.

School Overview
 Serves: USA
 Accredited by: NCACHE
 Enrollment: Semester
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes

Nebraska Methodist College Programs Tailor Made for Healthcare Professionals

Nebraska Methodist College specializes in degrees and professional certificates for healthcare personnel, such as radiology and surgical technicians, nurses, sonographers, and healthcare administration professionals. The program is delivered primarily via the Omaha-based campus, but a limited number of degrees are now made available through the college's distance learning environment. The nursing department offers an impressive number of degrees and delivers graduate nursing via online curriculum. Besides the MSN in Education and the MSN Executive, there is also the post-graduate Certificate in Nursing Education.

Unlike its MSN Education counterpart this program cuts out the general graduate level nursing coursework and delivers straight-up curriculum that cuts to the chase of the role of a nurse educator and faculty member. The nationwide nursing shortage is widely recognized and the healthcare industry has worked overtime to stimulate new interest in nursing. But as new legions of recruits are drawn to colleges, inspired by the career mobility, consistent salaries, and opportunities for specialization and higher degrees, many are being waitlisted at colleges across the country due to an overwhelming deficiency of nurse educators.

Contemporary Nurse Educators often balance clinical patient care jobs with stints of teaching as a means to stay current with industry. Today's driven nursing students want more than pure theory and outdated skills, they demand interactive, technologically based education that guarantees cutting edge skills and the latest healthcare and patient care modalities. Nurse educators are trained to design, develop, and modify modern nursing curriculums that deliver just that type of product.

Requirements for the Post Graduate Nursing Education Certificate

Applicants must have fully realized Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) degrees with GPAs of at least 3.0. A valid RN license and a personal essay in support of one's career and educational goals are both also required for each applicant.

This program takes a little over a year to complete, so candidates must be apprised of the rigors of a self-managed, online education. Convenience comes in the ability to schedule one's study time 24/7, in relation to family and job constraints.


The coursework is 13 credit hours of essential topics in nursing education including: role of advanced nurses in education, theory of learning and teaching, design and development of relevant curriculum, strategies for instruction, emerging technologies for the classroom, and methods for evaluation.

Career Opportunity

Post-graduate nurses with previous degrees as Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists, often use the post-grad Education certificate as a career capstone. Professional nurses such as these are highly valued among faculty in traditional undergraduate nursing academics, but also serve in positions as key instructors outside the academic arena. Hospitals, clinics, community health agencies, and many other healthcare environments require nurses with academic and instructional know-how to deliver in-service training, community health classes and information, and hospital continuing education programs. Private pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing companies hire nurses skilled as educators for high-level positions as salespeople with abilities to train medical staff on new equipment.

Nebraska Methodist College is one of the regional leaders in healthcare higher education. The distance-learning environment is being used to offer busy, but motivated professional nurses a means by which to parlay their field experience into more challenging and fruitful nursing specialties.


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