Nebraska Methodist's Online MSN for Nurse Execs Trains RNs for High Level Healthcare Positions

Nebraska Methodist.

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Healthcare Systems Demand Nurse Leadership

Nurse executives pose the next big wave of most in-demand health professionals. As healthcare evolves into a multi-layered system, the move to nurses assuming leadership roles seems a natural progression. It seems logical that experienced RNs with years of clinical experience under their belts be considered worthy leaders. Most have ground level, firsthand knowledge of the intimate operations of direct healthcare processes. With the right curriculum, nurses motivated to lead, innovate and work collaboratively among an integrative mix of health professionals make inspired executives.

The online Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) Executive degree through Nebraska Methodist College prepares RNs for jobs in a variety of healthcare sectors. They become instrumental decision-makers, proactive thinkers, and valuable specialists in combination with teams of other healthcare administrative leaders. Nurse executives must learn to function at entry-level or in upper-level management, to perform menial tasks and assume key leadership roles.


The MSN Executive specialty may be tailored to the curriculum needs of candidates with complete BSN degrees, those with partial BSN degrees, as well as those with Bachelors degrees in other fields of study. However, candidates must have previous GPAs of 3.0 or higher to be eligible. Applicants must also have valid RN licenses. A personal statement that cogently argues each student's career and educational choices is a required application attachment.

This degree program has limited enrollment and those admitted must be willing to make arrangements to spend a brief period of time on NMC's campus for a required practicum. Otherwise, candidates must be clear regarding the demands of an online program-its convenience lies in the flexibility to schedule study time in relation to busy family and work schedules, but in no way indicates ease of curriculum. For many students, distance-learning programs are more challenging than traditional, on-campus degrees for the self-motivation factor.


The curriculum for NMC's MSN Nurse Executive program delivers, firstly, comprehensive and general MSN core coursework, which includes topics like: advanced nurse research, statistics, contemporary role of advanced nurses, nursing and healthcare informatics, and advanced nursing theory.

Signature courses that delineate the administrative and executive program, include: healthcare finance and economics, nurses as leaders and administrators within traditional and changing healthcare schemes, behavior of healthcare organizations and systems, and management strategies for nurse leaders.

Career Opportunity

Executive, management, and leadership roles for nurses have opened up across a wide spectrum of healthcare systems. Hospitals hire many of the leading healthcare professionals, such as nurses, but nurse executives may find more relevant and satisfying jobs within more specialized facets, and even in private companies. Nurse leaders may be key figures in healthcare areas where issues such as staff shortages, industry limitations, and patient care paradigms must be managed.

Nebraska Methodist College specializes in traditional and online degree programs specifically developed for healthcare professionals, specialists, and technicians. The online MSN for Nurse Executives is the newest addition to the institution's distance learning environment.


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