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What Drexel University Online Offers Nurses Like You

The Drexel Online RN to BSN degree program lays the foundation for one of the most popular nursing degrees. Many nurses begin their careers with an Associates degree, which qualifies them to earn their RN license. However, at some point, many nursing professionals wish to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The BSN is the preferred degree for professional nurses—the reason it’s so in demand. On its own a BSN is four years long. For those with a two-year Associates degree, there are only two years left for the BSN. The RN-BSN program, then, is a popular educational option that solves this problem.

The advantages to an online program through Drexel include: no on-site clinicals or classes, study according to your own schedule, applicable and relevant knowledge provided by instructors with real world nursing experience as well as nurse educator degrees.

What You'll Need to Get Started on Your BSN

Candidates must have their RN license and at least a 2.5 GPA. This particular RN-BSN program is heavily weighted on Public Health Nursing. No onsite requirements exist, but students must be able to coordinate 60 hours of clinical work with an approved preceptor in their locale. Students that work in hospitals must find an alternative patient care setting to satisfy the focus of the program. Students may self-pace courses, but must work toward the final degree.

RNs must have completed the general nursing courses that typically satisfy an Associates degree. There may be some liberal arts electives in addition to the advanced nursing courses.

Here's What You Will Learn

Drexel’s RN-BSN degree emphasizes advanced nursing courses that combine theory with skills. Courses include topics in leadership and management for nursing personnel, genetics and medicine, nursing informatics, nursing research, contemporary issues in nursing, healthcare for special and at-risk populations, and international nursing.

Your New Career Opportunities as a BSN RN

Nurses with a BSN degree have few professional constraints. Perhaps the hot-button issue facing contemporary nursing as a whole is the national nursing shortage. For each solution proposed, another contributing factor is unearthed, making the problem seem unending, a systemic ailment of the educational and healthcare systems. But, thanks to the shortage, the sky’s the limit for career-motivated nurses.

BSNs have the freedom to specialize in particular facets of healthcare, including a mix and match of patient care setting, patient demographic, and illness. An increasing number of BSN nurses are also returning to school to earn Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) degrees. MSNs are positioned to play instrumental roles in shaping the future of nursing within the larger healthcare framework.

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